Wild People for Wild Places Enamel Mug

Salmon Sisters

The Wild People for Wild Places enamel mugs celebrate wild spaces, public lands, and the people who respect and protect them. These pea green mugs are embellished with a forest green outer design, and a Salmon Sisters logo on the mug's bottom. Great for hot and cold beverages alike, these oversized enamel mugs don’t scratch and have a wide base to prevent them from rolling off the galley table in a storm. They're actually big enough to take camping, eat dinner out of, to use as a berry bucket, or bail out a skiff!  

This practical, good looking and unique piece of quality enamelware has been designed by talented artists and hand crafted by skilled professionals. The Double dipped enamel layer is on both rim and handle to ensure its strength and durability. Art decal is carefully applied by hand, baked and melted into the enamel layer under high temperatures in order to preserve these literally for ages. Please note that every mug is unique because they are made my hand. There may be small imperfections that give it some extra character. Not dishwasher or microwave safe. Hand wash for best results. 

For every sale we make, Salmon Sisters donates a can of wild Alaska salmon to the Alaska Food Bank.


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