Oceana Wills Art Prints

Salmon Sisters

Artist Oceana Wills grew up with us in Homer, Alaska and works as a commercial sockeye salmon fisherman during the summers in Bristol Bay. She received her B.A. in English literature at Lewis & Clark College and hopes to create a graphic novel someday. Her ocean-inspired prints cover the walls of our own home, and we are so happy to share them with you. Find more of Oceana's artwork at www.oceanawills.com. 

Labrador Tea Prints 11x14" 

Net Mending Prints 11x14"

32 Foot World Prints 11x14"

Karaoke Under the Sea Prints 8x10"

Plenty of Fish Prints 8x10"

Salmon Thieves Prints 8x10"

Print has a cardboard backing and plastic sheet covering


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