Fishy Fish Nordic Headband

Salmon Sisters

Fishy Fish Nordic Headbands are made by our friends at Skida in Vermont!
Skida hats and headbands are our favorite headwear, especially when it comes to cold days on the water. The Nordic Headband is a versatile piece, ready to rock any season. Wear it scrunched or flat to keep sweat and hair off of your face, or as an extra layer in the cold. We wear these headbands all season long in the summertime to keep our hair out of our faces when we're picking fish! The wide-band design fits comfortably under a helmet or hood, too. The lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking poly-blend fabric makes it ideal for any adventure or activity any time of year. Made in Vermont. 


Non-Insulated Nordic Headband

Details & Materials: 

Poly-spandex jersey with MAX-Dri moisture management technology (92% Polyester, 8% Spandex)

One size fits most. View Size Guide

For every sale we make, Salmon Sisters donates a can of wild Alaska salmon to the Alaska Food Bank

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