Recycled Crab Rope Rug

Salmon Sisters

The Recycled Crab Rope Rug was made out of recycled ropes from Alaska's commercial crab fishery. Great for indoor and out, this hand-woven rug is helping keep coastlines clean and your home too! The roughness of this rug is perfect to take the dirt and grime off your boots, and tightly woven with rope that you can clearly see has some sun and wear because it has been used to catch many fish over the years. Great for homes by the sea.

Made in Kodiak, Alaska by the Alaska Rug Company. 47" x 22." 

Can be washed with a cold water hose outside, then laid flat to dry in the sun. 

For every sale we make, Salmon Sisters donates a can of wild Alaska salmon to the Alaska Food Bank. Thanks for helping us keep coastlines free of marine debris!

Gift wrapping is not available for Salmon Sisters Recycled Crab Rope Rug 

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