Our Seafood Story

Eat Fish, Live Longer 

We've made it easy for you! Salmon Sisters Seafood offers delicious, healthy wild Alaska seafood for easy-to-prepare meals loved by all. Our boxes of Halibut and Sockeye Salmon are delivered to your door after we tie up the boat in late September. We offer a face to your fishermen and a connection to the pristine waters of Alaska where your fish are caught. 

After realizing the anonymous origin of the seafood offered in the supermarket, Claire and Emma decided to start Salmon Sisters Seafood to create a direct connection between you and the independent fishermen of Alaska. Throughout the year the Salmon Sisters catch premium wild Alaska salmon and halibut in sustainably managed fisheries. We take great pride in the quality, health benefits and sustainability of our region's seafood and we want to share it with you.

Purchasing our seafood is an investment in your overall physical and mental health. Few foods bring so much nutritional wealth to the table as wild Alaska seafood. Naturally rich in protein, vitamin D, and Omega-3 fatty acids, wild Alaska seafood is the backbone of a incredibly nutritious meal. 

Alaska seafood may seem expensive, but consider it an investment in not only your health, but also the health of sustainable fisheries and independent fishermen. The flavors of wild Alaska seafood is bright and delicate and loved by all who try it. 

Salmon Sisters offers seafood from the true “wild west” of the Alaska fishing industry – the Aleutian Islands. These remote, cold Bering Sea waters produce what we believe to be the highest quality seafood Alaska can offer. The weather is a little more extreme, the fishing requires more stamina and strength, but the fishermen of the Aleutians believe that the premium seafood of the region is worth that extra effort. 


Sustainably Sourced, Family owned 

Our family's boats, the 58-foot Stanley K and 58-foot Oracle fish year round for salmon, pacific cod, sablefish, halibut and crab as they migrate through the pristine, nutrient-rich waters surrounding the Aleutian Islands. 

In June and July, sockeye salmon return from their ocean journey to the rivers through the pristine, nutrient-rich waters surrounding the Aleutian Islands. Our Salmon Sister Morgan on the F/V Restless catches these salmon by gill-net near the small villages of False Pass and Port Moller on the Alaska Peninsula.  

As Morgan is catching sockeye salmon, Emma and Claire are seining in Price William Sound for pink salmon. Pink salmon are canned or frozen and are the most economical salmon species for consumers. Canned salmon is the perfect fitness fuel on a budget. 

August and September are "longline" season for Claire & Emma – catching primarily halibut and some Pacific Grey Cod. These fish live deep on the ocean floor near ridges or rock piles. We set a continuous line of hooks on the bottom of the ocean, then haul up our line to catch one fish at a time. Halibut range in size from 15 to 400-plus pounds (ask Claire, she caught one). These months are generally the nicest weather and we enjoy the lush, green scenery in the Aleutians. Visit Purely Alaska: People Behind the Fish to learn more.


Wildly Delicious, Meals to share 

Your salmon and halibut are pulled from the cold, clean Bering Sea and immediately hand-bled and stored in refrigerated sea water or a slush ice bath, ensuring the highest quality product reaches your door. 

Salmon are delivered daily to Alaska-based Peter Pan Seafoods where they are processed into pristine, flash-frozen portions. Halibut are dressed immediately onboard, held in slush ice, and finally filleted and cut into portion-sized pieces at Peter Pan Seafoods.

Your seafood will have a Peter Pan Seafoods label on all packaging. The frozen product is held in and shipped from a cold storage facility in Seattle, WA as quickly as we can tie up our boat at the harbor and get back on land to arrange your precious cargos delivery.

Wild Alaska Seafood is good for you, good for the fishermen that catch it, and good for our planet.