About Salmon Sisters

Ocean-inspired Wearable Art created by two young fisherwomen of the Bering Sea, hoping to share their love of Alaska and to spread awareness for the future of sustainable fisheries. Salmon Sisters original designs are printed on environmentally friendly garments, inspired by nautical tradition, and made for a community of fishermen and women who brave the seas for glory and gain. [two_third last="no"]

[title size="3"]Our Story[/title]

Teal and Claire grew up on a remote homestead on the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, called Stonewall Place. They have worked on their family’s commercial fishing boat in the Bering Sea since they were kids. From summers fishing with their family, Teal and Claire developed an appreciation for their unique upbringing and for the sustainable fishery that became central to many of their opportunities. While studying in Florence, Italy, Teal discovered screen-printing, and began creating designs of the fish and places she loved most from home. Teal graduated with a BA in Studio Art and English from Williams College, and was awarded 2013 Class Artist. Claire has a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Vermont, and developed a business plan for their small company in 2012. She also owns Morshovi Bay Fish Company with her husband, Peter. The sisters have created a dynamic partnership, and with it work to creatively advance awareness of the role of wild sustainable seafood in our food chain. Every product and artwork Salmon Sisters makes is inspired by the sisters’ deep love for the ocean, their reverence for the fish that have fed and supported their family, and a hope that they can spread awareness for the future of sustainable fisheries.[/two_third] [one_third last="yes"]

[title size="3"]Our Products[/title]

Salmon Sisters ocean-inspired designs are printed on products handpicked for their softness and eco-friendliness. Salmon Sisters strives to make their garments the ones you dress up and dress down, get dirty and wear holes through, because they’re just too cool and comfy to take off. Our products are made in, and shipped from Alaska. [/one_third]