Six things we're celebrating for National Seafood Month

October 16, 2016

1. October is National Seafood Month and Breast Cancer Awareness month! We've joined other seafood industry members like Trident Seafoods, Orca Bay Seafoods, Smart Source Seafoods, and Drifters Fish in the Sea A Cure Campaign to raise funds for cancer research via City of Hope, a global leader providing resources to those battling cancer, managing diabetes, and other serious chronic illnesses. $5 from every Maritime Anchor Bracelet we sell will be given directly to City of Hope to help continue battling breast cancer. Thank you to those who generously purchase a bracelet and join us in supporting this project! Shop bracelets here ⚓️

2. This month we've been in Washington state for some great events involving fishing friends and good seafood. We had a booth at the first annual Bellingham Seafeast and at the Drifter's Fish Wild Salmon BBQ at Peace Vans headquarters in Seattle. It has been a blast to meet more of our greater salmon family outside of Alaska! We tried out some new Salmon Sisters Smokey Maple Fish Rub and Alder Smoked Sea Salt at the BBQ and can't wait to share it with you -- it's divine and available soon, with cedar grilling planks, on our webshop. 

3. We're trying new seafood recipes! Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has a website full of awesome recipes and video demos to take the stress out of meal preparation. They also have great info on nutrition of Wild Alaska Seafood and background on some important people behind our seafood. Here's one we love so much -- Fresh Rolls with Smoked Salmon and Basil. And here's a sweet video of the process by Homer, Alaska's own Stagvid Media

4. Our family's boat the FV Oracle is hard at work in the Aleutian Islands right now, catching Pacific Grey Cod. They're fishing day and night in usually rough and windy weather to provide markets and restaurants with fresh, delicious, and nutritious seafood. They'll fish throughout the winter with the rest of the Bering Sea pot cod fleet, and return home in the spring to prepare again for the salmon season. You can find Wild Alaska Cod in your local markets, fresh and frozen. It's easy to prepare and versatile. If you're looking for a recipe, try this tasty Alaska Cod and Smoked Salmon Chowder.

5. A book about women in the Icelandic fishing industry has been recommended to us from a fellow fishing friend, and though we haven't had a chance to read it yet, we wanted to share it with you. Seawomen of Iceland: Survival on the Edge by Margaret Willson, a "glimpse into the lives of vibrant women who have braved the sea for centuries. Their accounts include the excitement, accidents, trials, and tribulations of fishing in Iceland from the historic times of small open rowboats to today's high-tech fisheries. Based on extensive historical and field research, Seawomen of Iceland allows the seawomen's voices to speak directly with strength, intelligence, and - above all - a knowledge of how to survive" -- (University of Washington Press).

6. We are loving stories from They are written by Alaskans about their connection to the ocean, fishing, and salmon and are an amazing collection of life-defining tales and personal accounts from our creative and incredible community. Included is Teal's story Thank You, Swimmer she wrote a few years ago about the importance of salmon to our family growing up on our homestead in the Aleutians, and to Salmon Sisters now.

We're excited to launch our Winter Collection in late October! Stay tuned for the release of new products and get the first look by signing up for our newsletter. We hope you all get a chance to try some new seafood recipes this month. Tag us @aksalmonsisters on Instragram and Facebook to share any favorite new recipes with the rest of the salmon family. 

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