June 10, 2015

We love Instagram. Not only because we love seeing what our friends and fans are up to everyday in their creative and adventurous lives, but because it helps connect a unique community of inspiring people. We've found so many awesome photos of our Salmon Sibs dressed in their favorite hoodies and leggings while covered in fish blood, captaining their boats, hiking to the top of a mountain, eating King Crab legs for dinner. The truth is that we all lead pretty spectacular lives -- whether we spend our summers at sea, or work in a coffee shop, or guide hiking trips in the mountains, or do research, or grow things in our gardens. It's special that we can share our favorite moments with others who will appreciate them. We appreciate them! Please keep tagging your fabulous photos #aksalmonsisters for us all to see. 


Emma & Claire


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Every week we share the stories of Alaskan makers and young fishermen on our social media channels. This project has given us a deeper appreciation for the community who work on Alaska waters and those who work to create Alaska goods. Everyday we learn from new people who inspires us to be better fishermen and create more beautiful things. Enjoy the following stories from a few of the Alaskan fishermen and makers we've learned from. Stay tuned for more wonderful stories this summer!

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Thank you Vogue and the amazing Evgenia Arbugaeva for capturing this community of hard-working women that we hold in such high esteem. What a day for this diverse group of strong and independent women to have a moment of recognition. We feel incredibly to lucky to be able to use our Salmon Sisters audience to highlight our larger community and Alaska’s commercial fisheries. 

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This year, we traveled to Astoria, Oregon to attend the annual FisherPoets Gathering, a celebration of the commercial fishing industry in poetry, prose and song. FisherPoets has attracted storytellers and their many fans since 1998. We dare say it was one of the highlights of our winter.

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